My journey with Epilepsy

I am a husband, a dad and a businessman in my mid-forties.  I live a full and happy life, with a family I love and a job I enjoy.

When I was 20 years old I had my first Tonic Clonic seizure.  A second one soon followed, and about 8 months later I was diagnosed as having epilepsy. I considered myself to be one of the luckier people when it came to my epilepsy as I was not having seizures on a daily or even weekly basis.  Sometimes I could go up 18 months between seizures, and I always recovered quickly with no lasting effects.

I thought my journey with epilepsy was over when I managed to go almost 15 years seizure free.  After the first 10 years my doctor took me off my medication, and life continued on as normal for 5 more years.  Then in 2013 I thought my world was crashing down around me after having 2 major Tonic Clonic Seizures in the one day.  I had never before had 2 seizures so close together, and the after effects from this set of seizures took a huge toll on my brain and my body. For the first time things like my cognitive abilities and memory were negatively impacted.

Since that time there had not been any seizure activity that I was aware of, until August 2016. This time my seizures presented in a totally new way. Instead of the usual Tonic Clonic seizures that I had always suffered with, I have started having focal seizures that have been happening anything up to 9 or 10 times per day.

Dealing with this new challenge that epilepsy has thrown me has at times been tough.  The frequent seizures, the new drug side effects and being unable to drive have all been difficult to deal with.  I will have a good day, with only one or two seizures, or even none at all, and I will begin to think that I am finally getting them under control, then I will have a bad day, where the seizures seem to hit one after the other.  Sometimes it feels like I am on an emotional rollercoaster.

Even though I have a family who love and support me, sometimes this journey feels very lonely.  That is why I decided that I might be able to help others that are trying to deal with similar things, even if it is only to let them know they are not alone. On this site I will be posting my thoughts as well as any information I come across that I think might be helpful. You may also notice photo’s and other posts from time to time, these are just there because I like a distraction from the daily grind as much as the next person.

I hope you find the information and my posts of some assistance to you, and if there is anything you would like me to post about or add to my site, please let me know and if I am able to do so, I will.


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