Here and Now

Have you ever sat in a busy place, closed your eyes and just listened? Initially all you can hear is everyone’s voices mingled into a single sound. Slowly, as you relax, you can start to hear background noises: the sound of the road works down the road, the beeping of a walk signal or the clink of coffee cups and glasses. With a little more concentration you can start to pick out snippets of conversation happening around you. Not necessarily all the words or enough to understand the conversation, but enough to hear the rhythm of the speaker and maybe any emotion behind what they may be saying. 
I used to do this all the time when I was younger. Sitting in a busy shopping centre just watching the world run around like an army of little ants, all scurrying as quickly as they could from one task to the next. I used to find this relaxing – my world had stopped for that period of time, like I was the only one concentrating on the here and now of life. 

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