Change in focus

focusIt’s been some time since I last put a post here on my WordPress account. When I first created my account it was just an experiment for me to see how WordPress worked – and I got a real shock to see that people actually followed me!!

Then I thought it would be a good avenue to tell  the world about epilepsy and how it impacts my life and show that people with epilepsy are just like everyone else, and i think this is still a great medium for this and will continue to  put posts when relevant around epilepsy and where I can dispel some myths that people still have about it.

Then I got to thinking, why not broaden my topics even further to things that interest me!? I love technology and looking at all the things that are starting to be released and shaping our world today and will continue to influence our world even  more in the future.

So my goal is to post at least once a week on either epilepsy and my ongoing journey with it, or some of the cool things I’m seeing that interest me. I still have to determine what day that will be, but will definitely be looking to post as often as possible.

For those those that already follow my blog I look forward to continuing my journey telling what I am seeing, and if this is your first time reading a post on my blog, then please – make sure you follow me, the more the better!


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Here and Now

Have you ever sat in a busy place, closed your eyes and just listened? Initially all you can hear is everyone’s voices mingled into a single sound. Slowly, as you relax, you can start to hear background noises: the sound of the road works down the road, the beeping of a walk signal or the clink of coffee cups and glasses. With a little more concentration you can start to pick out snippets of conversation happening around you. Not necessarily all the words or enough to understand the conversation, but enough to hear the rhythm of the speaker and maybe any emotion behind what they may be saying. 
I used to do this all the time when I was younger. Sitting in a busy shopping centre just watching the world run around like an army of little ants, all scurrying as quickly as they could from one task to the next. I used to find this relaxing – my world had stopped for that period of time, like I was the only one concentrating on the here and now of life. 

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Photochallenge: Edge

Caterpillar on gate

Caterpillar on gate

This is my submission for this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge. I’m not sure what sort of caterpillar it is (we think it is a Anaxidia lozogramma), but I do know my wife has not yet forgiven it for the painfull rash it caused on her arm when she accidentally brushed up against it.

WP: Edge

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If you have had a chance to read my about me page, then you will know I was diagnosed with epilepsy about 24 years ago. Over that period of time I have had numerous people, both friends and family, who have been there for me to help me through the tough days and to come to terms with various changes in my life.

3 years ago after not having had a single seizure for about 15 years I had multiple seizures in a single day. After some time I was able to return to work, albeit with some restrictions for a while. When I returned to work the people I worked with daily were there for me. Checking on how I was feeling, making sure I didn’t overdo things and most of all just making sure I knew they were there for me. Given I work in a very large organisation this was something that I was not expecting.

This was something that was recently re-enforced for me when just last week I started having multiple seizures after not having any for almost 3 years. This time work colleagues stood by not only me, but my wife as well ensuring she was looked after. The number of people sending me messages letting me know they are thinking of me has been amazing, and the knowledge that when I am once again able to return to work that this can be worked through has been a great comfort.

My superhero’s do not wear capes or hide their identities behind masks. They are the people that I work with and who are there for me when I need them most and when I least expect it.

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This picture is one I took of a sculpture entitle “Infinity”. Made from white marble in 2005, this piece was commisioned by the Sunshine Coast council as part of a Sculpture Garden in the Maroochy Bushland Botanic Garden. It was created by  Jaroslava Sicko-Fabrici Slovakia. 

The plaque with this sculpture reads “My sculptures are an expression of the unity of all living things. This sculpture is a symbol of everlasting dialogue between negative and positive shapes which are bound and united in one whole. Its reflection in the water mirrors and emphasizes both its spiritual and physical status”

This sculpture, and the many others in the garden, is well worth taking the time to visit and sit among the quiet and tranquility created in the setting.

Part of The Daily Post Mirror Photo Challenge

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Baby swans

For the last 4 or 5 weeks my wife and I have been watching a swan sitting on its nest. Each time we have walked past while on our evening walk we have watched the swan carefully turning the eggs and patiently waiting for them to hatch. 

Last week we went walking and were able to see 4 little signets with their proud parents swimming around the lake exploring their new world. 

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First blog post

Welcome to my first blog post on WordPress. This is part of a learning experience for me to see how WordPress works, and how to create and modify a WordPress website and blog.

Along the way I will be sharing my thoughts and pictures I take when I am out and about in the world. I’ll also link through to pictures and posts I find interesting or funny.

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